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Original scientific paper

International contracts as a base for harmonising maritime law – on the occasion of the amendments to the Maritime code act in 2008

Ivo Grabovac

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The international characteristic of maritime law confirmed by numerous international conventions, and with the aim of more effective maritime enterprise, contributes to the necessary equalisation ( unification in the application of norms independent of the various systems of national law ( basic division in the continental system- civil law and Anglo-Saxon – common law). The Republic of Croatia has attempted to harmonise its law with the principles and institutions of the conventions and accordingly ratifies them to this aim. Therefore, the main task of the Maritime Code of 2004 was to harmonise domestic law with the text of current international conventions. The new amendments of our Maritime Code of 2008 serve this aim. Here, the author explains those changes which are based on the Protocol of 1996 by which the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims (1976) was amended, on the International Convention on Civil liability for damage due to bunker oil pollution (the so called Bunker Convention) in 2001, and on the International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks in 2007.


International Conventions, maritime law, Maritime Code of the Republic of Croatia, amendments to a law

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