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Original scientific paper

Festuco drymeiae-Fagetum Magic 1978 Association (Aremonio-Fagion) in the Vegetation of Northwest of Croatia

Ivo Trinajstić ; Zagreb
Zdravko Cerovečki ; Krapina

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The beech and mountain festuc forwst association (Festuco drymeiae-Fagetum Ass.) was described for the first time in Slovakia (Magic 1978) and later it was discovered in Slovenia (Cimperšek 1988). In Croatia, this association was first noticed by Regula – Bevilacqu (1978) and analyzed in the area of Strahinjščica in the status of subassociation as the Fagetum illy ricum boreale festucetosum drymeiae subass. In the status autonomous asaso ciation, the beech and mountain festuc forest for territory of Croatia wasreported by Cerovečki (2002), Baričević (2002) and Škvorc (2006), but attri buted the authorship to Cimperšek (1988) which lather proved to be accor ding to Magic (1978) incorrect.
So far in the forest vegetation of north-west Croatia, the ass. Festuco dry meiae-Fagetum has been studied on the mountains between the Drava and Sava Rivers in Hrvatsko zagorje, on Mavcelj, Ravna gora, Strahinjščica and Ivan čica. Its floristic composition is shown in Table 1. On the basis of the floristic structure, it can be distinguished a typical, moderately mesophilous ausbass. Festucetosum drymeiae and markedly thermophilous subass. fra xi netosum orni, showing the floristic connection with the ass. Opstryo-Fagetum.
In the mountain belt of the north-west Croatia on the slighily and modera tely inclined slopes Festuco drymeia-Fagetum Ass. present interms of forest management the most valuable forests where the cominon beech achieves its maximumw with respest to the wood mass production and quality


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