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Review article

Croatian historiography about Požega and the Požega county in the High and Late Middle Ages

Borislav Grgin

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In this paper the author made an overview of the Croatian historiography during the last century on the Town and County of Požega in the Middle Ages. Following the literature in the diachronic perspective, he grouped the various books and articles into three groups: firstly, those that were written till the end of the World War II, secondly, the ones from the socialist period (1945-1990), and finally those that were written after 1990. The author focused his attention on the methodological concepts of various authors and some specific features of each of the above-mentioned periods in historiography.
In the conclusion the author gave several suggestions how to make a step forward in the research on medieval Požega.


Town of Požega, County of Požega, Middle Ages, historiography, overview

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