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Original scientific paper

Influence of side branches nipping in sunflower restorer lines on seed yield and quality

Ivica Liović
Ruža Popović
Miroslav Krizmanić
Marijan Bilandžić
Ilonka Ivanišić
Anto Mijić
Branimir Šimić
Goran Krizmanić

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During 2005 year, on the trial field and laboratory of the Agricultural Institute Osijek have done researches of side branches nipping influence in two sunflower branched restorer (RF) lines in open pollination on seed yield and quality.
After harvesting, on the basis of head diameter, groups were formed. Within each group seed mass is determined, followed by seed separation in 4-6 fractions using sieves of oblong holes width from 2 to 5 mm. On the largest three fractions, within all seed groups, were determined mass of 1000 grains, vigor and germination.
For both branched lines, diameter of central heads was from 6 to 14 cm, with average seed mass per head in RF-1 line 2.81-11.51 g, and in RF-2 line 5.32-13.58 g. In lines with nipped side branches, diameters of heads were from 8 to 22 cm. Average seed mass per head in RF-1 line was 7.55-37.90 g, and in RF-2 line 11.55-33.94 g.
Mass of 1000 grains has increased with increasing of head diameter and seed fraction, respectively. Branched RF-1 line had mass of 1000 grains 22.7-40.7 g, and 26.3-73.1 g in plants with nipped side branches. RF-2 line had higher mass of 1000 grains in relation to the previous line, in branched plants 30.0-52.0 g, and in nipped side branches plants 37.6-91.9 g.
For vigor and seed germination, regarding head diameter, have established statistically significant differences (P=0.01) in both branched lines, and RF-2 line with nipped side branches. Regarding seed fractions, statistically significant differences (P=0.05) have found for seed germination in RF-1 line with nipped side branches, and branched RF-2 line, while for vigor have not been significant differences in all analyzed groups.


sunflower, restorer lines, nipping, seed yield and quality

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