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Original scientific paper

The grasses (Poaceae) pf meadows and pastures on the family farms in Istria, Croatia

Ivana Vitasović Kosić
Mihaela Britvec
Ivica Ljubičić

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page 391-398

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Autochthonous vascular pasture flora was researched at the locality of 7 family owned farms which breed sheep, situated from south to north of the Istrian Peninsula. During research in 2003 and 2004. a total of 61 Poaceae - taxa (56 species and 5 subspecies) were found. The taxa belonged to 36 genera. According to analysis of life forms, the most numerous Poaceae - taxa are Hemicryptophyta (63.93%) and Therophyta (32.79%).


grasses, meadow, pasture, family farm, Istria

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