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The Confraternities of the Parish of St. Euphemia in Sutomišćica on the Island of Ugljan in the Eighteenth Century

Grozdana Franov Živković ; Zavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU, Zadar, Hrvatska

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The author analyses the confraternities of the parish of St. Euphemia in Sutomišćica on the island of Ugljan in the eighteenth century. The research is based on several different kinds of manuscripts – the books of confraternities (madrikule), books of bills, books of incomes and costs – and other documents, which are mostly written in cursive Glagolitic letters. The aim of the article is to show the great importance that the confraternities had for their community, and the economic and cultural life of their small settlements (in Sutomišćica and its neighbouring villages of Poljana and Preko), to determine the aims and tasks of these confraternities, and to show in what way the members of the confraternities used the rules (kapituli) defined at the main meetings of the confraternity’s assemblies in practical situations. In the article many parts of the aforementioned manuscripts are given in a Latin transliteration of their Glagolitic texts.


Glagolitic books of confraternities (madrikule), books of bills, cursive Glagolitic, rules of conduct for confraternity members (kapituli), confraternities (skule)

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