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Te Dream of a Moon’s Foolish. Te concept of diference in the opus of Vlado Gotovac

Zorica Maros

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Only an introduction into the thought of the philosopher and poet Vlado Gotovac is given in this article, a thought which is connected to the term human freedom and the right to express one’s thoughts and beliefs. Te freedom of an individual and community, which according to Gotovac fnds its source in the Eternal, was denied in a totalitarian Communist system, it is for that reason that this Croatian philosopher dedicated many paragraphs of his publicly spoken and written word to this vested human right and to a precondition of the individual’s creative work. A just social constitution and order of which Gotovac dreamed of for Croatia was therefore one which presumes freedom and success for everyone, as well as one which legalizes the pluralism of thought, dialogue, the right to be different and most of all the freedom of speech, thought and criticism. As a journalist and editor of the Matica hrvatska paper Hrvatski tjednik (Te Weekly Croatian) he was denied his physical freedom and the freedom to publicly speak twice, under the accusation that he was spreading counter-revolutionary ideas. Te text also emphasizes the presence of personalistic philosophy and the comprehension of freedom in Gotovac’s work, work which was marked within the efforts of one intellectual to disclose thoughts which would be useful for the progress of humanity and the realization of the long desired aspirations of people for freedom, most of all for the freedom to think.


freedom, freedom of thought and speech, individual, totalitarianism, dialogue, personalism

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