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Original scientific paper

Morphological characteristics of olive variety Rosinjola in Istria

Sara Godena ; Institut za poljoprivredu i turizam Poreč, Poreč, Hrvatska
Kristijan Damijanić
Aldo Milotić ; Institut za poljoprivredu i turizam Poreč, Poreč, Hrvatska

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Olive growing in Istria has a several century long tradition. Many archeological findings refer to conclusion that the olives were cultivated on Istrian territory before the arrival of Romans.
Agroecological conditions in Istria represent the northeast edge distribution of olive, and like this it represents a specific cultivation areal of typical olive's varieties. In Istria there are about thirty olive's varieties which have been brought here in more occasions, some several thousand years ago, others several hundred years ago.
Our survey included 20 samples of olive's tree of Istrian variety Rosinjola on several locations on the territory of Rovinj. Based on research which included the use of morphological methods of identification there are described the morphological characteristics of leaves, fruits and stones according to Methodology for Primary
Characterisation of Olive Varieties in accordance with International Olive Council (IOC).


autochthonous varieties; Istria; olive; morphology of leaf and fruit

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