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Impact of promotion children’s savings

Damir Ribić ; Slavonska banka d.d. Osijek, Podružnica Virovitica

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Promotion activities directed at specific target groups can vary according to their type and intensity. In modern banking, where competition is very strong, it is the task of marketing experts to decide which activities to push in a specific situation depending on bank interests and financial resources available. Bank marketing in current circumstances is gaining another dimension, not only because the clients who use banking services are becoming more educated and sophisticated but also due to new legislation, intended to protect their best interests. High competition creates strong pressures on the market so banks and marketing experts must be able to produce untraditional and innovative solutions in response to a greater challenge. Through banking history, insufficient attention was paid to children entirely for the reasons of very low profitability in this segment. This area was poorly explored so there are very few researches of the activities aimed at promoting the banking products created especially for children. This paper includes a review of the researches available to the author that focus on the marketing activities directed at children through the historical development of the banking sector. By using case study methods, it describes the way in which two promotional campaigns were planned, and analyzes the course of their performance. The chosen campaigns show similarities in some elements but also certain differences that indicate the complexity of the problem of their approach, along with the need to apply greater creativity. The key elements for the (lack of) success in the campaigns with children as the target groups are identified as well as what needs to be done in order to maintain the banking market share and reinforce the bank’s image.


bank marketing, promotion, children’s savings

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