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Original scientific paper

Conversion of ownership on sport buildings under the law on sport and registration of ownershiprights in the land register - some dilemmas in practice

Hrvoje Kačer
Ante Perkušić

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In this paper, the authors present the problem areas of the transformation of ownership rights of sport buildings and constructions and the final entry of title of such acquired out-of-land register ownership. A complex procedure is dealt with which is conducted through a range of laws, all with the aim of implementing basic constitutional provisions on just one type of ownership right and the severance with the institution of social ownership. After an exhaustive chronology of events as well as special parts in which legal sources and the rules of interpretation necessary for the application of legal norms are analyzed, the authors conclude that, if the out- of – land register owner in an out-of court procedure does not succeed in entry of title, the only means remaining is that of legal action.


transformation; registration; sport buildings; ownership law

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