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Original scientific paper

Development of a Hierarchical Driver Aid for Parallel Parking Using Fuzzy Biomimetic Approach

Tarik Ozkul
Mohammed Moqbel
Suhail B. A. Al-Dhafri

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The objective of this article is to present the design method of a hierarchical driver aid which is designed to guide the driver of a vehicle to perform parallel parking maneuver. The development philosophy of the system is based on biomimetic model where the designer of the model does not need to be aware of neither vehicle dynamics nor kinematics. The developed system is based on fuzzy logic and makes its decision based on visual information coming through two low-resolution cameras placed at strategic locations of the vehicle. System evaluates critical parameters and gives real-time, on-the-fly advice to driver based on position of the vehicle and the intended parking space. The approach is very similar to an expert observing the driver and giving interactive advice about what to do to achieve acceptable parking. The article explains design philosophy, development method used for extracting fuzzy rules, implementation and test results of the developed system.


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