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Review article

The Christian concept of the regulation of marital joining under imperative of the »responsible parenthood«

Suzana Vuletić

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The Christian spouse in their vocation on love and responsible parenthood, are often exposed to a numerous challenges, difficulties and unclearly facts about natural family planning. Our believers are not enough morally illuminated with those questions. That fore, the main purpose of this article is trying to imply on the excellency and the dignity of marital vocation. It could be most suitably conducted by the estimating the natural methods, according to the Christian conception of marital joining. They are different from predominant trend of pansexualistic culture of temporary society in escape of procreation. We are tending to offer ethical-orientative synthesis from moral of sexuality on some questions. How to live the desirable intimacy of joining: morally acceptable, ethically conscious, medically safe, occasionally wished, parentally responsible and by the same time christianly alike. The article is endeavoring to present the comparative results of investigating projects, attitude and applicability of natural methods by the examiners, and according to their responses, try to comprehend one statement segment of their Christian marital and family identity.


Procreation, marital fertility, responsible parenthood, natural methods, contraception

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