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Revitalisation of Dubrovačka parobrodarska plovidba (Dubrovnik Steamship Navigation Company): Period of Requisition 1919-1920

Ivo Radoje ; Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

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The end of World War I marked the merging of three smaller Dubrovnik steamship navigation companies into Dubrovačka parobrodarska plovidba as their successor, contributing to the consolidation of the current shipping milieu of the ancient maritime city. Once the war operations were over, the Allies had temporarily requisitioned almost all undamaged vessels. In the new circumstances the Dubrovnik shareholding company had no direct supervision or management of its fleet. However, as the claim on the fleet implied certain compensation, during 1919 and 1920 France and Italy, for the most part, were paying Dubrovačka parobrodarska plovidba for the use of the requisitioned ships. Financial reconstruction of the above compensation shows that the sums were not insignificant, although probably somewhat smaller than the regular company earnings. The reconstructed model of the compensation paid to the Dubrovnik shipping company may be applied to practically entire Croatian merchant navy that was temporarily requisitioned mainly by the Italian military force. Financial analysis suggests that in the years 1919-1920 Croatian coast saw a concentration of the capital, which, in the oncoming years, may have provided a new impetus for the maritime and other commercial activities.


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