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Analysis of Risks of Maritime Traffic in the Aquatic Region of Dubrovnik

Ivica Đurđević-Tomaš ; University of Dubrovnik
Miloš Brajović ; University of Dubrovnik
Željko Kurtela ; University of Dubrovnik

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APA 6th Edition
Đurđević-Tomaš, I., Brajović, M. i Kurtela, Ž. (2010). ANALIZA RIZIKA POMORSKOGA PROMETA U DUBROVAČKOM AKVATORIJU. NAŠE MORE, 57 (5-6), 215-225. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Đurđević-Tomaš, Ivica, et al. "ANALIZA RIZIKA POMORSKOGA PROMETA U DUBROVAČKOM AKVATORIJU." NAŠE MORE, vol. 57, br. 5-6, 2010, str. 215-225. Citirano 16.06.2021.
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Đurđević-Tomaš, Ivica, Miloš Brajović i Željko Kurtela. "ANALIZA RIZIKA POMORSKOGA PROMETA U DUBROVAČKOM AKVATORIJU." NAŠE MORE 57, br. 5-6 (2010): 215-225.
Đurđević-Tomaš, I., Brajović, M., i Kurtela, Ž. (2010). 'ANALIZA RIZIKA POMORSKOGA PROMETA U DUBROVAČKOM AKVATORIJU', NAŠE MORE, 57(5-6), str. 215-225. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 16.06.2021.)
Đurđević-Tomaš I, Brajović M, Kurtela Ž. ANALIZA RIZIKA POMORSKOGA PROMETA U DUBROVAČKOM AKVATORIJU. NAŠE MORE [Internet]. 2010 [pristupljeno 16.06.2021.];57(5-6):215-225. Dostupno na:
I. Đurđević-Tomaš, M. Brajović i Ž. Kurtela, "ANALIZA RIZIKA POMORSKOGA PROMETA U DUBROVAČKOM AKVATORIJU", NAŠE MORE, vol.57, br. 5-6, str. 215-225, 2010. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 16.06.2021.]

Maritime traffic in the aquatic region of Dubrovnik is on the increase each year. During summer months it reaches its peak loads and the risk of marine accidents is imminent incurring possible hard consequences.
The analysis of the risk of Dubrovnik aquatic area has comprised the passenger port of Dubrovnik and its marine area and the Old City port with lokrum anchorage.
The paper has shown the identification of risks, incidence and the consequences in this aquatic area. Two collisions of cruising vessels which occurred at Lokrum anchorage have been analysed. The scheme of manoeuvering of a large cruising vessel in the Bay of Gruž in adverse conditions has been presented by means of simulation.
In order to increase the safety of sailing and manoeuvering of vessels in this aquatic area, various measures of precautions concerning traffic regulation and traffic control must be taken. At the same time the decrease of peak loads should be considered and the introduction of the system of safety control of navigation and the organization of the acceptance of ships.

Ključne riječi
risk analysis; simulation of ship collision; measures of safety of sailing

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