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Narodna umjetnost : Croatian journal of ethnology and folklore research, Vol.48 No.1 June 2011.

Original scientific paper


Ružica Pšihistal ; Faculty of Philosophy, University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek

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Pšihistal, R. (2011). THE ETHNOMYTH OF ŠŠOKCI. Narodna umjetnost : hrvatski časopis za etnologiju i folkloristiku, 48(1), 85-110. Retrieved from
Fulltext: croatian, pdf (84 KB) pages 111-111 downloads: 258* cite
Pšihistal, R. (2011). ŠŠOKAČKI ETNOMIT. Narodna umjetnost : hrvatski časopis za etnologiju i folkloristiku, 48(1), 111-111. Retrieved from

While this study intends to chart the present state of the ethnomyth of Šokci in Slavonia, it will also take some obligatory detours into Slavonian and Šokci literary imagology where the basic Šokci mythologems lie. I am going to analyze the most striking components: myths of origin of Šokci and of imaginary Šokci ancestral land, founding memory figures (“great Šokci”), established images of identity preserved in literary icons of the Šokci world (Đuka Begović, Tena) and recent Šokci cultural practices including the procedures through which the tradition is being renewed or constructed. The study attempts to point not only to the background of the rhetorical operations of the replacement of the Slavonian name with the Šokci name but also to contribute to a better understanding of the personal, non-Šokci insider position in Slavonia which is interspersed in the mesh of Šokci ethnomyths. For comparative and heuristic purposes a cursory overview of the fate of ethnomyth of Šokci in Serbia (Voivodina) is given.

ŠŠokci; ethnomyth; Slavonia; stereotypes; literary studies; cultural practices

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