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Synthesis philosophica, Vol.26 No.1 Kolovoz 2011.

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Identity, Character and Ethics. Moral Identity and Reasons for Action

Vojko Strahovnik   ORCID icon ; IPAK Institute and Faculty of Government and European Studies, Velenje, Slovenia

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Strahovnik, V. (2011). Identity, Character and Ethics. Moral Identity and Reasons for Action. Synthesis philosophica, 26(1), 67-77. Preuzeto s

The paper discusses the meaning, role and importance of moral identity and character for ethics and for leading a good life (the attainably of good life and pursuit of happiness). The modern society is a society of permanent change and the feeling of uncertainty. The world seems fragmented and discontinuous. It is very difficult to form a permanent identity in such a world. In the past the choice of the life project was the choice of all choices. In liquid modernity, identity is flexible and in a state of permanent transformation, in which one perpetually redefines oneself through becoming someone other than one has been so far. The central question from which the papers addresses these topics is whether our moral identity ever provides us with good reasons for acting and further, which of the moral theories are best suited to accommodate a positive answer to that question.

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ethics; character; moral identity; personal reasons; virtue; art of life

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