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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.61 Prosinac 2011.

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Comparison of the meaning of the lexems of the Croatian Church Slavonic stems nenavid- and mrьz-

Vida Vukoja ; Staroslavenski institut, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Vukoja, V. (2011). Usporedba značenja leksema hrvatskih crkvenoslavenskih osnova nenavid- i mrьz-. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (61), 169-240. Preuzeto s

The purpose of the article is to examine the three points considering the meaning of the lexems of the Croatian Church Slavonic (abbr. CCS) stems nenavid- and mrьz-. The first one is to recognize the meaning structures of the afore-mentioned stems, and to compare them. The second is to check the hypothesis that the CCS lexis of sentience pressumes the paradigm of passions and affect (best represented in Thomas Aquinas’ Summa theologiae 1a.2ae.22–48) and not the paradigm of emotions which is in the contemporary science usually considered as universal. The third is to explore similarities and distinctions of the two stems since they lexicalize the two concupiscible passions, one of them (mrьz-) neighboring an irascible passion. That last point aims at tackling the question whether the conceptual distinction of concupiscible and irascible passions is reflected in lexicalization or not. Analysis of the usage examples show that the lexems of the stem mrьzrealize more complex meaning structure intrinsically connected to the lexicalization of the concepts of sin and sinfullness. The emphasis of the stem nenavid- is placed more on the oposition of good and evil, and less on sin. The data regarding the two analyzed stems, especially in the area of the thematic roles (concerning relation of will and feelings) as well as of explications of the lexicalized circumstances (or more specifically: the moral aspect of feelings and expressing the circumstance of the manifestation of a particular feeling) show that the future research of the relation between the Thomas Aquinas’ system of passions and the CCS lexis of sensitiveness could come to some interesting results. Finally, a number of the evident similarities and distinctions have been recognised between the analyzed stems, but still there is no solid enough basis to decide whether the conceptual difference of concupiscible and irascible passions reflects on lexicalization. It seems that only further research on lexicalization of some of the Aquinas’ passions, if not of all of the eleven, can elucidate that issue.

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concept of hatred; Croatian Church Slavonic stem nenavid-; concept of aversion; Croatian Church Slavonic stem mrьz-; structure of meaning; translational patterns

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