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The Vision and Mission of a School

Slavko Kenđelić ; OŠ Ferdinandovac, Ferdinandovac, Hrvatska

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The paper deals with ongoing changes of the Croatian educational system that are
calling for revision in the organization of each individual school. Greater autonomy that is
offered to schools also implies greater responsibility for schools and their employees. In
blazing a trail for others to follow and making the school recognizable, it is necessary to
define the strategic goal of the school, which is demonstrated by its vision. On the basis of a
defined and demonstrated vision, lower level goals should be defined, which is the mission of
a school, that is, what it does and wishes to do for others, its students, parents and the local
community. Without determining these goals precisely, it may seem that any path is good and
leading to a certain goal. However, only a precisely defined goal can suggest precisely
defined paths, means and methods of achieving it.

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proactive organization; vision; mission; goals

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