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Original scientific paper

Ancient Settlements along the Sava river

Marija Buzov   ORCID icon ; Institute of Archaeology Ljudevita Gaja 32 HR - 10000 Zagreb

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Material remains from antiquity, texts by ancient writers, survey of old cadastral maps and plans and aerial photographs play a crucial role in the research of the development of ancient cities and urban planning, as in the process of inspection and reconnaissance we can use them for recognizing and identifying ancient settlements. To study the urbanism of the ancient city is to research its life. Archaeology, through its methods, follows this development, dates finds, observes and records changes wherever possible, registers innovation in urban layers as well as phenomena manifested in the construction, ups and downs, destruction and reconstruction, determines changes and additions that appear as expressions of new ideas or higher powers. Many factors pertaining to relief, hydrography, composition and quality of soil, as well as climate, have an impact on the position of a city and its materialization, eventually influencing survival and progress of the city. The paper discusses the ancient settlements built along the Sava river – their scope and geographic features, sources, literature and previous research, types and development of settlements, and the administrative and territorial division.

ancient cities; urban planning; Pannonia; Siscia; Cibalae; Marsonia; villae; ancient settlements

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