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Gardner’s model of multiple intelligences

Anđelka Slavić ; Primary School of don Lovre Katić, Solin

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Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory is a direct challenge to the "classical" view of intelligence as a single logical thinking skill. According to Gardner, intelligence is not a unique construct, but there are at least eight different intelligences that are relatively independent. Gardner has identified linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, bodily-kinaesthetic, social (interpersonal), intelligence of the inner-self (intrapersonal) and naturalist intelligence.
The main impact of Gardner theory has been manifested in education. The theory of multiple intelligences assists teachers in meeting the specific educational and wider social needs of students and promoting understanding and respect among students. It opens the door to a wide variety of teaching strategies that can be easily implemented in classrooms, in which student self-respect, personal intellectual boosting and self-confidence is to be encouraged.

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intelligence; multiple intelligences theory; teaching; learning; intellectual boosting and self-confidence

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