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Pedagogical values of familiarity with learning styles

Esmeralda Sunko ; Filozozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Splitu

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Competencies are described as main cognitive abilities and skills that individuals possess and which can be acquired in order to solve certain tasks, as well as to develop motivation and social readiness for solving problems in changeable situations. On the basis of many researches, mainly foreign, we have discussed various styles of learning. Special attention is paid to cognitive, affective and physiological learning. We have created specifi c metodology of investigation, elaborated and standardized instruments, developed techniqes and approaches for their applications as well as the data treatment. The knowledge about the learning styles is important in pedagogical practice because it provides a better understanding of students and communication improvement; it makes the process of teaching and learning more humane. The development of teachers’ and educators’ competencies is connected to the development of ‘’educational teaching’’ which inevitably implies the world-view and value system, including the guidelines that direct the use of competencies towards the accepted norms and principles in our society and culture. In order to achieve the key socially expected competencies, a wide spectrum of the alternative teaching methods is required, the application of which requires special qualifi cations of the present and future teachers.

Ključne riječi
competences; teacher training; learning styles; attitude; methods; instruments

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