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Motivation procedures in the book interpretation classes

Ivana Blažević

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Blažević, I. (2007). Motivacijski postupci u nastavi lektire. Školski vjesnik, 56 (1. - 2.), 91-100. Preuzeto s
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Blažević I. Motivacijski postupci u nastavi lektire. Školski vjesnik [Internet]. 2007 [pristupljeno 24.10.2021.];56(1. - 2.):91-100. Dostupno na:
I. Blažević, "Motivacijski postupci u nastavi lektire", Školski vjesnik, vol.56, br. 1. - 2., str. 91-100, 2007. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 24.10.2021.]

Book interpretation class is a specifi c teaching class which, besides demanding a performance of certain educational assignments, should approach to educational and functional aims with special attention. Teachers are confronted with new assignments which are not to be considered as an encumbrance, especially if we bear in mind that this type of class involves a more natural mode of communication in comparison with grammar or literature classes that insist on acquiring certain amount of new information. It is suffi cient to enrich a part of the class by using a new approach or, if two classes are required, to reserve one entire class to a specifi c activity, which helps in accomplishing educational and
functional tasks, and to focus on conversation in another one, which helps in realizing educational goals. As a suggestion of this new approach I propose the game approach that seems interesting enough. Combining the existing methods with the more modern methodical procedures, satisfactory results can be achieved. In order not to fi nd oneself in the vicious circle of saturation and monotony, a sense of measure should not be neglected in using each of the new methods. Special attention should be directed towards the individuality of the class, and what makes this type of research interesting is the fact that something well accepted in one class, can easily be mocked in another.

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book interpretation; motivation based on games; problem – oriented teaching; functional tasks; educational goals

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