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Identity in the Time of Cyber Worlds

Dragan Ćalović ; Megatrend University, Faculty of Culture and Media, Novi Beograd, Serbia

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Ćalović D. Identitet u vremenu cyber svjetova. Filozofska istraživanja [Internet]. 2012 [pristupljeno 19.09.2021.];32(1):19-30. Dostupno na:
D. Ćalović, "Identitet u vremenu cyber svjetova", Filozofska istraživanja, vol.32, br. 1, str. 19-30, 2012. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 19.09.2021.]

At the beginning of the twentieth century Walter Benjamin pointed out that the development of techniques of reproduction leads to the loss of elite status of author. With the development of the press, film, and photography, as pointed out by Benjamin, everyone has an open possibility to gain a role in a movie, to be the author of a text which would then have been published in newspaper, or to creatively express through photography. Advent of the internet and new media actualized Benjamin’s theory. Development of cyber worlds and the possibility to one to creatively express himself into these worlds, in the text are linked to the question of identity. Inclusion of one in cyber space is understood as opening of new possibilities for the realization of one’s creative potentials. In that regard, the participation of one in cyber space, even when it is focused on creating different ideas about him, is understood as the realization of one as the author, and not as a process of destabilization of human identity.

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identity; internet; cyber space; media theory

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