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The true self - prerequisite to creativity

Zdenka Gruden

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Z. Gruden, "Pravi self - preduvjet stvaralaštva", Nova prisutnost, vol.I, br. 2, str. 295-298, 2003. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 14.05.2021.]

According to M. Klein, the self is the entire human being. It includes the constitution of body and soul. The psychical constitution is composed of consciousness, pre-consciousness and un-consciousness. The self is constituted by id, ego and super-ego. Self-representation is a projection of the self. The self is projected in a part of itself - ego. This representation of self can be true or false. When self-representation reflects the objective properties of the self, it san be called, according to Winnicott, the true self. Longing for the truth is innate to mankind. A creative act reveals the truth. In creation man recognizes himself in his truth, such as he is and not as he appears to others or himself. The search and discovery of the real, true self is of extreme importance in education. Each man should develop his true self in order to acquire the utmost creative capability - to shape his own life.

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