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To be for others, to be through others

Josip Šimetin

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Our relationship, our natural orientation toward others we live in our personal connection with God and human beings. We love others in doing what is good for them. Although anchored in ourselves, we can all be more and more "through others" by respecting the personal freedom of everyone. Love is a real content of our everyday life. It is linked to our belief, our confidence in God and our overcoming of egoism. Confidence witnesses love, and in love it is possible to better approach God, to be more through Him who identified himself with all human beings, thus directing our love for them toward Him, too. Personal love is a mutual relationship of giving and receiving. Giving and receiving are more or less distinct elements in that relationship, though receiving and accepting is also giving. In a state of complete freedom human beings, though realizing themselves »through others« and being »for others«, rise up to being themselves.

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