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Theology of the Book of Habakkuk

Dragomir Obradović ; Adriatic Union College, Marusevec, Croatia

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The writer of this article is trying to extract the basic theological motive in the Book of Habakkuk, which seems to be suggested from the very meaning of the prophet’s name, ’embrace’: God’s love toward his chosen people and individual members could be illustrated by an embrace. The identity of Habakkuk, the musician from the tribe o f Levi, is based exclusively on the internal evidences of the book since the external data simply do dot exist. On the basis of the internal evidences (1,6) also, the author discusses briefly the date of the Book of Habakkuk, addressing the major opinions on the subject and personally opts for the earlier date of writing before the reign of the king Jehoiakim, before the period between 609. and 605. B.C., and before the Babylonian exile. The Central discussion in this article is around prophet’s message which he called "burden" and the vision of the "grand motif ’ which is "the righteous shall live by faith" (2,4). The author analyses various God’s names (Jahveh, My Holy One) and establishes God’s sovereign dealing with his people and the Babylonians. It seems that only one encounter with God is enough to change a critic of God into his admirer - which is stimulating for a personal religious experience in which dark days become full of
light in God’s coming in the person of Christ.

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Bible; Habakkuk; theology

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