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The Period Between the Testaments

Lynn H. Wood ; SDA Bible Commentary

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APA 6th Edition
Wood, L.H. (1998). Razdoblje između Starog i Novog zavjeta. Biblijski pogledi, 6 (1-2), 115-138. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Wood, Lynn H.. "Razdoblje između Starog i Novog zavjeta." Biblijski pogledi, vol. 6, br. 1-2, 1998, str. 115-138. Citirano 21.10.2020.
Chicago 17th Edition
Wood, Lynn H.. "Razdoblje između Starog i Novog zavjeta." Biblijski pogledi 6, br. 1-2 (1998): 115-138.
Wood, L.H. (1998). 'Razdoblje između Starog i Novog zavjeta', Biblijski pogledi, 6(1-2), str. 115-138. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 21.10.2020.)
Wood LH. Razdoblje između Starog i Novog zavjeta. Biblijski pogledi [Internet]. 1998 [pristupljeno 21.10.2020.];6(1-2):115-138. Dostupno na:
L.H. Wood, "Razdoblje između Starog i Novog zavjeta", Biblijski pogledi, vol.6, br. 1-2, str. 115-138, 1998. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 21.10.2020.]

Between the close of the Old Testament and the beginning of the narrative of the New Testament stretches a period of approximately four centuries. An understanding of the vicissitudes through which the Jews passed during this time, with special emphasis on their history under the later Seleucid rulers and during the years that witnessed the rise of Roman power in the Mediterranean, is necessary to a proper appreciation of the New Testament, particularly the Gospels. This article summarizes briefly the experiences o£ the Jews under the waning power of Persia and during the protracted struggle for control of Palestine between the Seleucids to the north and the Ptolemies to the south. More detailed consideration is given to developments growing out of attempts by Antiochus Epiphanes to Hellenize the Jews, to the extension of Roman power throughout the Mediterranean world, and to the political situation in Palestine under the Hasmonaeans and under Herod the Great.

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Intertestament-period; Macabeans; Ptolemies; Seleucids; Herod-the-Great; Antiochus-Epiphanes

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