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The Church

Raoul Dederen ; Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, SAD

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For a considerable time in the history of Christian thought interest in the doctrine of the church has been slight. It did not receive the careful attention that Christology and the doctrine of the Trinity received in the fourth and fifth centuries, the atoning death of Christ in the Middle Ages, or the issue of salvation in the sixteenth century. But among other factors, the ecumenical movement of the twentieth century, with its vision of one church of Christ, has contributed to making this doctrine a center of theological discussion.
The aim of this article is to deal, however briefly and selectively, with the reference to the church in the Scriptures, more particularly in the NT. It intends to point out what the early church professed on the subject. We shall fist consider Christ’s relation to the church. Then we shall look at the nature and scope of church, followed by an examination of its mission and government. Finally, we will give attention to the ordinances and marks of church, followed by a survey of the historical development of this particular doctrine.

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Church; Ecclesiology; Spiritual-Israel

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