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Geoadria, Vol.8 No.1 Lipanj 2003.

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Köppen's classification of climates and the problem of corresponding Croatian terminology

Tomislav Šegota
Anita Filipčić

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Šegota, T., Filipčić, A. (2003). Köppenova podjela klima i hrvatsko nazivlje. Geoadria, 8(1), 17-37. Preuzeto s

In this didactic article a systematic review of Köppen's climatic classification is given. The aim is to accept this most rational and quantitative classification of climates widely accepted all over the world. Like in all other languages the present Croatian terminology is confused. This is the reason why we accepted the original Köppen's terms.

Ključne riječi
Climatic classification; Köppen's classification; climate of continents; climate of Croatia

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