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Prostor : a scholarly journal of architecture and urban planning, Vol.12 No.2(28) June 2005.

Original scientific paper

Jewish Religious Buildings Designed by the Engineer Fran Funtak

Dragan Damjanović

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Damjanović, D. (2004). Židovske vjerske građevine vukovarskog inženjera Frana Funtaka. Prostor : znanstveni časopis za arhitekturu i urbanizam, 12(2(28)), 129-138. Retrieved from

Fran Funtak designed two Jewish religious buildings – a great temple in Vinkovci (1922-1923) and a chapel – Zidduk-hadin House at the Vukovar’s Jewish cemetery (1926-1928). The synagogue in Vinkovci is a typical example of the 1920s architecture with the prevailing elements of a classical design vocabulary combined with the elements of Rundbogen and Moorish styles as the typical styles of the 19th century synagogue architecture. The chapel in Vukovar shows a combination of the dominant Art-Deco style and the Moorish elements.

Funtak, Fran; synagogue; Vinkovci; Vukovar; Jews

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