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Zdravko Šorđan ; Institute of Theology, Belgrade, Serbia

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Research is placed at the very foundation of religious communication and in that regard it must arrive to the essence of the creative potential because it represents depth and warmth of the spirit where both intellectual and spiritual effort come together without which there may not be soaring. Freedom of spirit and personal spirituality are the most efficient elements for improvement of not just individual but social life as well, for establishment of moral attitudes and values, development of cultural heritage and creation of an internal balance. Freedom of spirit and civilisation are not a privilege of a few members of society because culture and religion are not biologically transferrable complexes, there is not anyone at such a low level of cultural life who does not have some higher cultural pattern or even the very civilisation derived from religious and philosophical ideas available. If it is however necessary to speak in a manner which reduces the level, because it shall require “stooping” towards individuals or mob and their cold minds, the conversation shall spread to them “down below” thanks to the influence left by freedom and civilisation. Freedom, being a need at the foundation of creative potential, in the process of religious communication, may never be too emphasized because origination of spirituality within a man, and its development depend a great deal on the freedom of spirit and thus we come to the conclusion: the more free one is the more one is independent within oneself and towards oneself and more understanding with others. In that regard, communication shall be directed to cooperation and joining with others, similar to oneself, since “only those who are similar may communicate.“ Interactions with others present a major feature of social life and thus of spiritual and cultural development. Communicating is consistent with concrete needs of human interaction and thus creates the conditions for mutual understanding, making the mutual adjustments easier and making coordination of sometimes complicated relations possible.

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religion; freedom; communication; creation; word; spirituality

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