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University as a Fortress

Damir Kukić ; University of Zenica, Faculty of Philosophy, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The big question is whether the modern university represents a special space in which new ideas are created and man’s future reflected. This issue is present today in the context of the European higher education reform marked as the ‘Bologna process’. At the same time, we face dilemmas on the purpose and function of the university.
The principles of university are subordinated to the interests of the economic centers of power and that has become an essential feature of the present existence of the academic community. The scientists operate as market products, they are presented as the media spectacle and a part of celebrity culture. However, the modern social context recognizes the impact of political structures as well. This is an interesting phenomenon, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the concept of university has been often equated with the concept of the fortress − the fortress with the duty to protect the “domestic” national space.

Ključne riječi
university; commercialization; ideology; ethnic politics; fortress

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