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Product Placement in Cartoons

Irena Oroz Štancl   ORCID icon ; PhD student at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Croatia

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APA 6th Edition
Oroz Štancl, I. (2014). Prikriveno oglašavanje u crtanim filmovima. Medijske studije, 5 (9), 76-90. Preuzeto s
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Oroz Štancl, Irena. "Prikriveno oglašavanje u crtanim filmovima." Medijske studije, vol. 5, br. 9, 2014, str. 76-90. Citirano 15.06.2021.
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Oroz Štancl, Irena. "Prikriveno oglašavanje u crtanim filmovima." Medijske studije 5, br. 9 (2014): 76-90.
Oroz Štancl, I. (2014). 'Prikriveno oglašavanje u crtanim filmovima', Medijske studije, 5(9), str. 76-90. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 15.06.2021.)
Oroz Štancl I. Prikriveno oglašavanje u crtanim filmovima. Medijske studije [Internet]. 2014 [pristupljeno 15.06.2021.];5(9):76-90. Dostupno na:
I. Oroz Štancl, "Prikriveno oglašavanje u crtanim filmovima", Medijske studije, vol.5, br. 9, str. 76-90, 2014. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 15.06.2021.]

Product placement is a marketing approach for integrating products or services into selected media content. Studies have shown that the impact of advertising on children and youth are large, and that it can affect their preferences and attitudes. The aim of this article is to determine the existing level of product placement in cartoons that are broadcast on Croatian television stations. Content analysis of cartoons in a period of one month gave the following results: in 30% of cartoons product placement was found; most product placement were visual ads, in 89%, however, auditory product placement and plot connection was also found. Most ads were related to toys and it is significant that even 65% of cartoons are accompanied by a large amount of products available on the Croatian market. This is the result of two sales strategies: brand licensing (selling popular cartoon characters to toys, food or clothing companies) and cartoon production based on existing line of toys with the sole aim of making their sales more effective.

Ključne riječi
product placement; cartoons; content analysis; consumer socialization of children

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