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APA 6th Edition
NAZOR, A. (2013). ANTE GLAVIČIĆ I GLAGOLJSKA TISKARA U SENJU. Senjski zbornik, 40 (1), 19-23. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
NAZOR, ANICA. "ANTE GLAVIČIĆ I GLAGOLJSKA TISKARA U SENJU." Senjski zbornik, vol. 40, br. 1, 2013, str. 19-23. Citirano 15.06.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
NAZOR, ANICA. "ANTE GLAVIČIĆ I GLAGOLJSKA TISKARA U SENJU." Senjski zbornik 40, br. 1 (2013): 19-23.
NAZOR, A. (2013). 'ANTE GLAVIČIĆ I GLAGOLJSKA TISKARA U SENJU', Senjski zbornik, 40(1), str. 19-23. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 15.06.2021.)
NAZOR A. ANTE GLAVIČIĆ I GLAGOLJSKA TISKARA U SENJU. Senjski zbornik [Internet]. 2013 [pristupljeno 15.06.2021.];40(1):19-23. Dostupno na:
A. NAZOR, "ANTE GLAVIČIĆ I GLAGOLJSKA TISKARA U SENJU", Senjski zbornik, vol.40, br. 1, str. 19-23, 2013. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 15.06.2021.]

Archaeologist, museumist, conservator, researcher Prof. Ante Glavičić was one of those from Senj, who encouraged the research of the cultural history of their city. In his heart was the glagolitism of Senj, especially the glagolitic press founded in the city in the 15th century, which created a notable publishing catalogue. The catalogue consisted of liturgical and even more nonliturgical books, intended for glagolitic readers to perform worship as well as for instruction. The first publication (in 1494) from the press came Misal, then (in 1496) Spovid općena (Confessionale generale of Michel Carcan), Naručnik plebanušev (1507; Manipulus curatorum Guida de monte Rocherii), Transit sv. Jerolima (1508; Transito de sancto Girolamo), Mirakuli
blažene Deve Marije (1508; Miracoli della gloriosa Vergine Maria), Korizmenjak (1508;Quadragesimale Roberto Caracciolo). Senj’s glagolitic editions are valuable and important culturally-historically, linguistically and, of course, typographical monuments. Very few original copies have been preserved (the copy of Spovidi općene is unique), so they should be re-issued, and this is to continue with the release of their reproductions and critical editions where Prof. Ante Glavičić left off. It is up to the successors to put into effect Glavičić’s efforts to make a replica of the printing press from the 15th century for Senj with which it would be possible to print some pages of Misal as a cultural souvenir of Senj.

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Ante Glavičić; glagolitic press; Senj

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