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Influence of Malolactic Fermentation on the Quality of Riesling Wine

Mirna Ćurković Perica
Dijana Škorić
Martina Šeruga
Bernard Kozina
Mladen Krajačić

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Phytoplasmas (formerly called mycoplasma-like organisms) are the causal agents of several hundreds plant diseases including yellows diseases of the grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.). A system for the monitoring for grapevine yellows diseases in Croatian vineyards using polymerase chain reaction amplification and restriction fragment length polymorphism analyses has been employed since 1997. Bois Noir (stolbur) phytoplasmas were detected in vineyards of the eastern and north-western Croatia In these regions, one of the most frequently affected cultivars was ´Chardonnay´. No phytoplasmas were detected in Dalmatia and Istria which was in accordance with the absence of grapevine yellows symptoms in these regions. In some areas of Istria, however, ´Chardonnay´ is becoming more attractive to growers. Since this variety is known for its high incidence of phytoplasmoses, this region should continue to be monitored for possible phytoplasma outbreaks.

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grapevine yellows; phytoplasmas; Vitis vinifera L

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