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Bartol Krbavac and his circle

Petar Runje

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This paper sheds new light on the scribe and illuminator Bartol Krbavac,
and on the time of his activity. Although he was a native of Zadar, Bartol hailed from Krbava after his grandfather Budislav, which is noted in
Bartol’s manuscripts. It has been established that Bartol’s parents were Ivan and Florela, and that his father sent him to Venice to become a goldsmith in 1399. Bartol’s Glagolitic manuscripts are masterly illuminatd with gold powder.
Bartol the son of Ivan, by ethnonym Krbavac (i.e. from Krbava) was a
respectable citizen of Zadar. He was a master scribe and illuminator. As a trustworthy man he is often mentioned as a witness in wills.
The author studied various sources in the Zadar notary public and has
been able to identify numerous persons who were, directly or indirectly,
connected to Bartol: his father Ivan, his sister Margarita, his wife Margareta who hailed from Ancona, abbot Vitko, furthermore the chaplain of one of the Zadar’s leprosaria and the Glagolitic priest Nikola Žubrić, the Glagolitic writer Martin Radoević, and fi nally the Franciscan tertiary fra Petar Bogdanić, chaplain at the leprosory and the Glagolitic priest Karin.
Their lives are indirectly connected with the Berlin Missal, which lead
the author to follow the history of the hermitage and the church of the Holy Cross (sv. Križ) on the outskirts of Zadar, which during the 14th century became the foundation of the monastic community of Tertiary Franciscans. It was the Franciscans of that hermitage who obtained the Berlin Missal for their needs. The author was able to identify who bought the missal and how.

Ključne riječi
late medieval Zadar; Bartol Ivanov (Bartol Krbavac); Glagolitic scribe; Glagolitic illuminator; Berlin Missal; Zadar leprosaria in the late Middle Ages; Glagolitic Franciscan Tertiaries

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