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Matko Meštrović ; Institute of Economics, Zagreb

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In his Philosphy of Ecological Crisis Hoesle has pregnantly recapitulated broad range of the modern world conditions of crisis. But the aspectual rephilosophication of the crisis does not mean a real revitalization of philosophy, although he strongly emphasizes the requirement for a value reversal in entire society. The deep obstacle to that is the reigning time framework which tacitly implies that physical time, biological time, social, and experience–related time exist in parallel and without connection to each other. Only asking who or what is determining the temporality of social life could we approach to the insight that social time is not a neutral fact.
The need to relate to nature not as wilderness “other” but as an extension of the self, concerns an ontological framework for the problematic of being and obviously presupposes an epistemological reexamination of the possibilities of non–metaphysical knowledge. In that sense an exit from predeterminism could be thought of only if the value of Western progress is placed into a socio–historical context.

time; reality; social time; present; value; value theory; capital; capitalism; science; technology; culture; nature

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