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Croatian Economic Survey, Vol.17 No.2 December 2015.

Original scientific paper

The Determinants of Return Migration: Evidence for Kosovo

Ardiana Gashi ; Fakulteti Ekonomik, University of Prishtina, Kosovo
Nick Adnett ; Staffordshire University, Business School, UK

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Gashi, A., Adnett, N. (2015). The Determinants of Return Migration: Evidence for Kosovo. Croatian Economic Survey, 17(2). doi:10.15179/ces.17.2.2

Return migration represents a potentially important contributor to economic development for countries that are large exporters of labor. This paper provides an analysis of the determinants of return migration to Kosovo, a country with an especially high level of recent emigration. The findings of this investigation suggest that there is a non-linear relationship between the age of the migrant and their probability of returning. In addition, the more educated migrants and those that have acquired additional education whilst abroad are more likely to return, whereas recent migrants, those that possess permanent resident status and have their family abroad are less likely to return. As expected, the stronger the family ties of a migrant with their home country, the more likely they are to return. Finally, migrants that are expected to invest in businesses in Kosovo are more inclined to return. Together these findings suggest that return migration may be an important contributor to economic development in Kosovo and policies are outlined that could strengthen this contribution.

return migration; education; investment; development

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