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The Book of Jonah

Zdenka Ribarova

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The Book of Jonah
The Book of the Prophet Jonah appears in two versions in Croato- Glagolitic breviaries. The version which is directly connected with the translation in the parimeinics (VO Vb2 n1 D) is based on a protograph which did not contain later innovations of the revised prototype parimeinics. The protograph of the glagolitic text has some specific features the most interesting being the points of contact with the annotated translation. Comparison of the texts shows certain similarities between VO and Vb2 while N1 and D have a number of independent innovations.
The second version adopted to the Vulgata appears in Vt5 M L2 Pm Vt19 Bb Vt10 N2 and in the printed breviaries Ba Br. However, this text is also not completely independent from the translation in the parimeinics. A relatively free approach to the text which is given a new form and a greater number of individual variants in some manuscripts is characteristic for all texts contain the newer version of the Book of Jonah.
The whole Book of Jonah (all four chapters) appears only in the parimeinic version in the breviaries VO Vb2 N1.
The comparison of the texts in breviaries and missals Hm Ill4 Nk Ro (based on the edition Hm) shows that the version of the text in these missals is formed independently of both the translation in the parimeinics and the new forming of the text based on the Vulgata.
From all the studied texts the greates similarity to the translation in the parimeinics is found in the verses from Ch. 2 which contain Jonah's prayer. This can be explained by taking into consideration the special position of Jonah's prayer in the whole book.
Both versions of the text which appear in the breviaries are given here. Texts VO and Vt5 have taken as basic.

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