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Marko Pranjić ; Hrvatski studiji Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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Elementary education in ancient Athens was eminently educational in character from the time when a separate more qualified institution provided for it, and when the home was no longer adequate for that purpose, which was at the time when school as an educational institution was starting to appear, and moreover, when polis (city-state) itself was becoming a specific teacher and educator. Unlike the Spartan education, the more recent Athenian education put an educatee’s individuality in the forefront, which in itself shaped a new view of man and his education, moving away from the predominantly militaristic perspective on human beings and from the insistence on blind obedience to authority of any kind. The central influence of polis gave in in favour of democracy, the mythical was supressed in favour of the speculative. Homer’s ideals assumed enlightening awareness and the eternity of ideas increasingly took over the changeable human thought. Instead of giving primacy to power and force, Athens gave it to the law, and thereby also to the individual, which created the basis for the unique culture of spiritual living, originally laid out by Athenian legislator Solon.

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individuality; educational concepts; poet; polis; school

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