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Preservation and Revitalization of Ancient Towns in Arabian Countries With Special Reference to the Ancient Town in Nablus in Palestine

Mumen Abuarkub

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This paper is an analysis of the present condition of ancient towns in Arabian countries with a brief reference to the history of Alep, San’a, Fés, and Nablus, all under the UNESCO patronage. Renovation and protection of the ancient structures starts with the assessment of their condition, the extent of the damage, the type and quality of the essential materials taking into consideration their dating, uniqueness as well as their aesthetic and artistic value. The restoration and conservation program of the ancient town in Nablus in Palestine embraces its main segments such as housing, marketplace, commercial branches, public and private services, infrastructure etc.

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Alep, Syria; Fés, Morocco; Nablus, Palestine; revitalization; San’a, Jemen

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