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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.47-48-49 Rujan 1999.

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The Old Testament Book of Visdom in the Croatian Glagolitic Breviaries

Irena Miličić

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Miličić, I. (1999). Starozavjetna Knjiga Mudrosti u hrvatskoglagoljskim brevijarima. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (47-48-49), 57-112. Preuzeto s

The Old Testament Book of Visdom in the Croatian Glagolitic breviaries.
A reconstruction of the Croatian Glagolitic Bible from liturgical books is an old yet always alive idea in the field of the Old Croatian Studies. The Book of Wisdom edited here for the first time is tracing that idea. Introduction deals with the historical, literary and - in a lesser extent - biblical setting of the Greek source of the Book of Wisdom. It answers the question about its authorship, dating, its literacy and historical predecessors and models: the old Near East wisdom tradition and the Greek influence.
From the thirty manuscript breviaries the text of the Book of Wisdom has been located in nineteen of them, as well as in the three printed ones (two of them are incunabula). The greatest attention is given to the text analyses by the method of a precise word to word comparison. The First Vrbnik Breviary has been selected as the basic text for that purpose. The compared variants in the footnotes are taken from the corpus od 21 other breviaries. The texts are analysed in details phonologically, morpologically, syntactically and lexically. The final discussion about the source of the translation comes to an irrefutable conclusion that it was a Latine one.

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