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The Angel from Zagreb Cathedral

Vladimir Marković ; Sveučilišni profesor u mirovini

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V. Marković, "Anđeo iz zagrebačke katedrale", Peristil, vol.49, br. 1, str. 99-105, 2006. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 06.04.2020.]

Mikael Cussa, builder and stone carver from Ljubljana made a marble pulpit for Zagreb Cathedral in 1695/96; it has been believed that he was also the author of the statues of the pulpit. B. Rozman (Barok v kamnu, ljubljansko kamnoseštvo in kiparstvo od Mihaela Kuše do Francesca Robbe, Ljubljana, 1995) has, however, attributed them to the Venetian sculptor E. Merengo (1628—1723). S. Guerriero has rejected that attribution claiming that the author was P. Callalo (1655—1725). The author of this article has questioned Guerriero's opinion, and has demonstrated that the atlas-angel supporting the balcony of the pulpit was made by another Venetian artist, Giacomo Piazzeta (around 1640—1705). At the same time he has confirmed Callalo's participation in the statues of pulpit fence, as evident from comparisons with some other works by the same master.

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Zagreb Cathedral; Giacomo Piazzetta; angel-atlant

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