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Original scientific paper

The Diocese of Ludrum (Ecclesia Ludroensis)

Ante Škegro ; Hrvatski institut za povijest

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The Diocese of Ludrum was founded at the 533 Salona council presided by Honorius Iunior (528-547), archbishop of Salona. On that occasion Magnoticum / Magnioticum, Equitinum, Saluiaticum and Sarsiaticum were included in its territory. Numerous authors – beginning with Daniele Farlati (1690-1773), Josip Alačević (1826-1904), Wilchelm Tomaschek (1841-1901), Franjo Rački (1828-1894), Vjekoslav Klaić (1849-1928), through Ivo Bojanovski (1915-1993) and recently by Slobodan Čače – have written on the centre of the Diocese of Ludrum and related topics. In the Croatian historiography a thesis proposed by Vjekoslav Klaić - according to whom Ludrum could be identified with the site of Biskupija near Knin, and the medieval Diocese of Knin is to be considered the heiress of that diocese - still prevails.

rimska provincija Dalmacija; rano kršćanstvo; Ludrum; Ludrumska biskupija; Ecclesia Ludroensis

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