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Zbornik radova Veleučilišta u Šibeniku, No.3-4/2017 Srpanj 2017.

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Tanja Radić Lakoš ; Veleučilište u Šibeniku, Šibenik, Hrvatska
Ankica Arbutina ; Veleučilište u Šibeniku, Šibenik, Hrvatska

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Radić Lakoš, T., Arbutina, A. (2017). TURISTIČKA VALORIZACIJA RIJEKE CETINE. Zbornik radova Veleučilišta u Šibeniku, (3-4/2017), 47-56. Preuzeto s

The Cetina River is of great ecological and economic importance of central Dalmatia, and especially the area of Split - Dalmatia County. Water from the Cetina River supplies the whole area of Split - Dalmatia County, an important role in the power system of the Republic of Croatian has the exploitation of the hydropower potential of the Cetina, and also, in the time of drought, Sinj fields irrigated with water from the Cetina left. In addition to the evaluation, in recent years identifi ed tourist attraction Cetina, however, the combination of attractions such as the landscapes of natural resources, gastronomy, events and other content can realize success and competitiveness in the tourism market.
Extensive research development of special forms of tourism in the whole area of the river Cetina was conducted within the project MedPaths - The Snapshot of Mediterranean Hinterlands Richness
in the period 2007th-2013th. This paper presents the possibility of sustainable destination management to: identify the tourist attractiveness, the proposal to involve the social stakeholders in the
area and the possibility of development of the local economy based on the creation of new content in tourism combination of interdisciplinary and more meaningful programmatic approach.

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river Cetina; valorization; sustainable development; special forms of tourism.

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