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Management : Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, Vol.5 No.2 Srpanj 2017.

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Environmental management of business processes

Vesna Čančer ; University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business

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Čančer, V. (2000). Environmental management of business processes. Management : Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, 5(2), 79-93. Preuzeto s

Since the decision-makers in enterprises will accept the goals of environmental management only if they are motivated enough, comprehensible and useful tools should be generated to support environmentally oriented business decision-making. For that reason, a general optimisation model of the multiphase business process is presented in this paper. This model includes the possibilities for an integrated approach to environmental protection so that it can be applied as a scenario by the business process simulation for the evaluation of environmentally oriented business decisions on business performance. Furthermore, development and application possibilities of the presented model are introduced. Some measures of resource efficiency are developed using the presented optimisation model.

Ključne riječi
environmental management; business processes; simulation

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