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Management : Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, Vol.5 No.1 Srpanj 2017.

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Dimensions of organizational change

Jure Kovač ; University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences Kranj

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A basic characteristic of business operations in developed economic environments is their continuous search for responses to very rapid changes in their broader and closer environment. Adjustment to the changing situation of market and technology is an inevitable challenge to every company. This means a never-ending search for and verification on the market, as well as preservation of the acquired position. The tasks connected with the company's adjustment to the requirements of the market are very complex. Due to the increasingly turbulent business environment, the management responsible for the implementation of the change process is taking on new obligations. Change management is moving away from the traditional understanding of that notion as being just a set of functions, comprising the tasks of both designing and implementing a process of changing the organization. The request to establish such an organization, which will be able to follow the extremely rapid and perpetual urge for adaptation to the requirements of the environment, is coming to the forefront.

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organizational change; change management; change dimensions

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