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Arti musices : hrvatski muzikološki zbornik, Vol.48 No.1 Srpanj 2017.

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Violinist Otto Rosbroj (1894–1962) and His Role in the Beginnings of Jazz in Zagreb

Aldo Foško ; Pazin, Croatia

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Foško, A. (2017). Violinist Otto Rosbroj (1894–1962) i njegova uloga u počecima jazza u Zagrebu. Arti musices : hrvatski muzikološki zbornik, 48(1). doi:10.21857/9e31lh4ejm

The process of identification of a certain cultural phenomenon in a particular context and tracking its very inception is one that requires from the researcher to note minute details and interpret the facts with caution. One such process is the research of the genesis and development of jazz in Zagreb, a city where this American trend indirectly found its way at an early stage. Previous research on the history of jazz in Croatia, if they could be labelled as such, approached the topic in most instances led by assumptions, conjectures and free interpretation of facts. As the beginnings of jazz in Croatia remained unidentified, the goal of this work was to try to unravel this mystery, using the then contemporary periodicals and radiophonic sources. The starting point of this paper is the musical activity of Otto Rosbroj and an attempt to connect his emergence with the emergence of jazz in Croatia, all for the sake of creating a source of information which could be useful to subsequent research of this musical idiom in Croatia.

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Otto Rosbroj; jazz; Zagreb; interwar period

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