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Evaluation in School

Anđelko Mrkonjić ; University of Zadar, Department of pedagogy
Jelena Vlahović ; University of Zadar, Department of pedagogy

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Evaluation has its own historical and social foundation and determination. Authors considerthat as an integral element in process of curriculum in this relatively new approach to innerreconstruction in educational and school systems, it takes an important place as a finishing andstarting point in educational process. This component was neglected from aspect of profession aswell as scientific studies, although it is one of the more sensible stages in that process.In this work ditto is considered as a relevant component of teacher's habitus. From this stems thenecessity for training teachers in evaluation during their initial education, as well as developmentof this competence during their work as teachers, and mainly in their lifelong/permanenteducation.Mark, as a result of evaluation, can act in layers on individuals or on a group: catalyticicallylimitating or inhibitating. With it social climate and relations between autocratic and democraticextremes are determined, such as alienation and desalination of the subjects of education.Researches show, that pupils, and especially the students, have developed abilities for evaluation,but are insufficiently participating in that part of educational process thus maintaining thetraditional position of an object.As conflicts are generated in process of assessment of pupils this problem needs specialattention

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evaluation; instructor; mark; school; stages in educational work; pupil

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