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Numizmatičke Vijesti, Vol.54 No.65 Studeni 2012.


A Precarious Year

Edgar Fabry ; Croatian numismatic society, Zagreb, CRO

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Fabry, E. (2012). A Precarious Year. Numizmatičke Vijesti, 54(65), 4-4. Preuzeto s
Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (142 KB) str. 3-3 preuzimanja: 3* citiraj
Fabry, E. (2012). Godina puna neizvjesnosti. Numizmatičke Vijesti, 54(65), 3-3. Preuzeto s

Every published number of the periodical Numizmatičke vijesti brought pleasure to generations of our members and to the public at large. From the first number, printed in 1939, to this last 65th number, we have retained continuity in publication, which is especially important. In its long history our periodical enabled many Croatian and foreign numismatists to share their knowledge.

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